Meeting servings

Tasty servings prepared in Onnela's kitchen to ensure you a productive day.

The most common meeting day servings are introduced below. In addition sweets and water are always served in the meeting venue.

All servings can be customised according to your wishes!


Breakfast buffet

Breakfast is served on weekdays at 6.30 - 9.00 am and on weekends at 8.00 - 10.00 am

Buffet includes:

Porridge, Onnela's bread, Karelian pasties or croissants, cheese and cold cuts selection, vegetables, fried sausages and meat balls,

Baltic herring in salted sauce, Onnela's omelette, boiled eggs, natural yoghurt, fruit, berries, jam, nuts, dried fruit, müsli and corn flakes,

sweet pie, fresh juice, coffee and tea


Lunch buffet

Lunch is served on request and scheduled at 11.30 - 1.30 pm

Buffet includes:

Salad buffet, Onnela's bread, soup of the day, main dish (fish/meat), side dish and a veggie side dish, dessert, coffee and tea


Afternoon break

Afternoon break includes coffee, tea and Onnela's pastry. Soft drinks available.

Add brain food to your coffee break! For example a fresh smoothie, nuts and chocolate.


Fruit plate

Fruit plate includes a selection of fresh fruits. Served to the meeting room.


Sauna snacks

Chicken Caesar wrap

Beetroot-hummus-goat cheese wrap

Salmon flat bread roll

Grill sausages
Please note, Sausages are grilled by customer

Kindly note that we require an unified order.


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